16 Best Benefits of Using Social Media in the Recruitment Process

Companies and businesses always want to hire the best talent. Hence, the use of social media has become quite important in the recruitment process of talent acquisition

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16 Best Benefits of Using Social Media in the Recruitment Process - NextHRBase

The recruitment agencies always want to hire the best talent.

Hence, the use of social media has become quite important in talent acquisition.

More than 90 percent of recruiters use social sites for the recruitment process.

Hiring through Social Media under your Recruitment Process

What are the best 16 benefits of using social media in your company’s recruitment process?

Enhances job visibility

Facebook has an active user base of more than 2.19 billion.

Also, Twitter is quite famous for hosting job search chats.

Moreover, LinkedIn is famous as a job-hunting platform.

So, as a human resource manager, you can use social networking sites to identify and recruit talented individuals.

High-quality candidates

The statistics from various companies depict that they get top-quality candidates whenever the recruitment is done through social networking sites.

The people that are recruited through social media are tech-savvy. It is the prime requirement to get a job in the current marketplace.

Also, using social media in the recruitment process is becoming a business trend. If you are planning to recruit candidates through social media then they will become more productive.

Better brand awareness

Recruitment through social media is quite effective as you will be able to find the ideal candidate.

Using social media in the recruitment process also helps to enhance your company’s brand awareness.

You can advertise for new openings on various social media platforms and strengthen your brand by creating trust among employees.

People also want to see brands that have a social media presence.

Hence, this feature will help to create a strong social media presence.

Also, you would be able to recruit good employees and build trust among prospects and customers.

Reduce the cost of hiring

Recruitment is an expensive affair.

Recruitment through social media platforms is cheaper.

The recruitment process is quite reasonable as compared to other methods.

Also, a Facebook ad will fetch you more visibility as compared to traditional recruitment methods such as classified ads in job boards and dailies.


Generally, a brand takes a lot of time to increase its audience. But the social media can help to grow brand awareness online by increasing organic likes.

The social media page with job vacancies will lead to more engagement. You can comment in the comment section and will share the posts with followers and friends.

The other people can send a direct message in the inbox. The conversations will keep the page active and provide the opportunity to get engaged with potential employees.

Benefits of using social media in the recruitment process
Benefits of using social media in the recruitment process

Low cost and high ROI

Recruiting and sourcing candidates through social media is quite less expensive as compared to traditional search methods like newspaper advertisements and job fairs.

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are free to set up.

Various human resource managers take advantage of LinkedIn and other social media platforms for recruitment.

There is also a significant return on investment.

Competitive edge

Social media provides human resource outsourcing services and staffing solutions to managers in the company.

The human resource managers get a competitive edge over recruitment firms. The connection between hiring managers and candidates may lead to greater employee-candidate conversion rates.

The former employees, shared interests, academic backgrounds, volunteer organizations, and personality traits offer a common foundation between candidate and hiring manager.

It also results in a successful process of interview.

Reduces hiring time

Using social media in the recruitment process also reduces hiring time.

The recruiters can convey or interact with potential candidates faster and better.

Also, the candidates can interact immediately which fosters a good relation.

Moreover, the acceptance rates are quite higher as they share common interests.

The vacancy will get filled quickly.

Employer brand

The brand of the employer is essential for any business. The employer brand is made by talented employees.

If you portray a good business personality then the social media channels will help to reach to right candidates.

Big application tool

Social media is an important medium to expand the recruitment pool.

Social media platforms are used to keep contact with individuals directly.

Screening candidates

Social media can be used for screening before the interview.

The screening process is not new but social media provides easy accessibility.

  • You can screen your resume through various social media platforms.
  • You can review the skills, personal qualities, and previous experience.
  • You can screen candidates as per the company’s values and culture.
  • You can also check interests, hobbies, and other information.

You are required to review social media profiles with caution.

Glimpse in the future of candidate

Using social media in the recruitment process reduces the time of interaction of potential candidates with future employees.

This method will provide the opportunity to see the profile of the candidate before face to face interview

Reach to passive candidates

When the job advertisement is done through job boards then you limit the reach to the people who are looking for new roles.

Hence, social media is a great tool to tap the passive candidates’ pools that are not actively looking for a new role.

A great tool to showcase company culture

Both the company and career websites are the best places to showcase your company’s values.

You can leverage the use of social media by creating social pages, accounts etc to further enhance the overall HR values at your company.

More than 90% of recruiters use social sites for the recruitment process
More than 90% of recruiters use social sites for the recruitment process

Allows target more vacancies

If you are planning to recruit for a specific job vacancy then share the vacancies in your LinkedIn groups.

There are many groups for finance professionals, engineers, HR workers, and other job sectors.

You can also use other platforms to target vacancies such as Twitter hashtags.

Free to use

It costs nothing to share postings on social media.


We have discussed various benefits of using social media for the recruitment process.

So, you can implement your strategy of recruitment and recruit candidates through social media. It is quite cheap as compared to other traditional recruitment procedures.

You can see the profile of the candidates and screen their qualities and skills.

You can easily recruit and screen the candidates according to the needs of your company.

So, what are you waiting for? Devise the recruitment policy through social media.

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