How to Boost Hiring by Using Virtual Career Fairs? A Complete Discussion with 5 Virtual Fairs In India

Virtual job fairs perform an important part in assisting businesses with recruiting without sacrificing talent efficiency, expense, or hiring goals

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It requires time and effort to identify potential applicants that are a great fit for your expertise deficiencies, company environment diversity objectives, and business strategy.

With recruiters constantly on the move in search of the right candidates for their companies, finding top applicants isn’t as easy as posting a position or holding a physical recruitment conference.

These problems can be addressed by conducting a Virtual Career Fair.

Online recruiting is the quickest alternative to attract a large number of applicants without damaging the staff or candidates’ wellbeing. However, several professional hiring managers have been using Virtual Career Fairs long before it has become the norm these days due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Virtual Career Fairs perform an important part in assisting businesses with recruiting without sacrificing talent efficiency, expense, or hiring goals. Employers face several common problems and issues at traditional fairs, which are considered to be a hotspot for recurrent obstacles:-

Which obstacles do employers face using traditional career fairs?

  • Taking job applicants and desirable employers next to each other under one shelter.
  • Rental of a costly location, logistics, organizational management, and event management are all costly.
  • Low participation due to visitors and exhibitors being unable to come from around the country or state without paying significant travel costs.
  • Due to recruiting executives’ physical resume selection and evaluation process, talent management is slow.
  • Advertising and enticing competent candidates to the Virtual Career Fair is complicated.
  • Due to a lack of channels for exchanging informational material, visitors have a monotonous experience.
  • There are no observable outcomes or real-time data to assess the event’s ROI and ultimate usefulness.
How to conduct a rocking virtual career fair?

What are the 10 best benefits of conducting an online or virtual career fair?

Performance in Recruiting Enhanced

The virtual framework can be enhanced with applicant monitoring methods to assist employers in moving away from time-consuming candidate selection process activities such as searching through stacks of application forms.

Exhibitors may screen candidates depending on their chosen requirements to identify appropriate candidates in a couple of seconds due to powerful digital resume searching technologies.

An Increase in The Number of Visitors

Recruiting companies and job seekers will enroll and attend the program online using any smartphone or personal computer with internet connectivity.

The elimination of travel and time restrictions promotes greater involvement and attracts both inactive and active applicants, irrespective of where they are in the world.

Construction of Candidate Pipelines

Employers prosper from well-rounded applicant channels to facilitate cooperative and rapid recruiting by having connections to applicants with various qualifications and capabilities.

Exhibitors return with outstanding candidate resources which are helping them to not only fulfill their immediate recruiting requirements but also plan for potential ones.

Simple Interchange of Details

Virtual career fair services remove the requirement for promotional materials and costly corporate promotions by enabling users to conveniently exchange company images, photo galleries, FAQs, booklets, and more to portray an appealing image that is representing the work environment.

Guests may also email these materials to themselves for continued exchange and analysis, resulting in an extremely engaging event with low energy consumption.

Active Employee Branding

The appearance, colors, design, and layout of the virtual event, which provides employees with customized stalls, reproduces branding strategies for organizers and industry professionals.

Booths have high-resolution employee animations, as well as unique sections for sharing video material documents, job openings, business case studies, and also chat alternatives.

Exhibitors may utilize their unique identities to reach out to other organizations and hiring managers by changing interactions with audiences.

Entertaining Atmosphere for Guests

Did you realize that when you combine video material with a job posting, you receive 36% higher application forms?

Think how much improved guest experience would be if businesses utilized webinars to enhance audience participation and show their dedication to strategic management.

Pre-recorded or streaming webinars may be hosted on digital channels to address popular business issues and it has corporate executives create significant declarations.

With credibility for attracting large crowds, organizers profit from a larger virtual presence because of the webinar replay connections that enable audiences to access information at their leisure.

Online Conversation in a Controlled Environment

Huge waits at booths and congested event centers can hold back prospects.

Digital or online or virtual career fairs offer booths with their unique chat functionality allowing job applicants to connect with booth members in immediate time and achieve responses.

In the meantime, hiring managers may utilize this platform for immediate applicant screening by conducting short interviews.

Implementing features like a “Networking Lounge” could also allow hosting personnel to interact with the audiences on a broader platform or establish a convenient forum for visitors to connect to the platform.

Configuration Without Trouble

Forget about weeks of project management, exhausting scheduling problems, and pulling your hair out trying to secure food and drinks, sound, power, place rental agreements, and many more.

A Virtual Career Fair is a great time-saver, the digital platform can be organized within a couple of weeks, enabling organizers to concentrate on recruiting rather than spending time and bringing together a recruiting strategy with serious consequences and excessive costs.

Endorse for Cost-efficient Advertising

It’s always been a pain to get the message out about recruiting activities. The costs of publishing newspaper advertisements and marketing documents add to be substantial pressure on the administrator’s expenditure.

To ensure optimum publicity and guest participation, Virtual Career Fairs simplify pre-event promotions with retailers by enhancing email advertising, social media promotions, and integrating landing pages for quick applicant enrollment.

Determined Outcomes

Using actual information to classify desired employers, work categories, new and repeat guests, webinar experiences, and other metrics will help you to enhance event efficiency over time.

To prepare potential recruiting efforts, hosts can still monitor and measure how appreciatively their job applicants have accepted the virtual change.

Virtual Career fair plays a significant role in assisting businesses
Virtual Career fair plays a significant role in assisting businesses

Which are the top 5 Virtual Career Fairs in India?

Virtual Mega Job Fair 2020

Freshersworld is running this Virtual Career Fair. Interns and professional workers are being hired by the top 15+ organizations.

This Free Virtual Career Fair 2020 is available to applicants with a range of educational qualifications, like B.Tech, BE, MBA, MCA, M.Tech, BCA, B.Sc, or any other qualification.

This Huge Job Fair is completely free to attend; you do not have to spend anything at all to enroll for this fresher’s Virtual Career Fair 2020.

HerRising Career Fair

This Virtual Job Fair will bring together a diverse community of leaders and recruiting teams from big, moderate, and small businesses that are looking to employ women.

HerRising Career Fair is a digital forum that allows businesses to showcase their job openings and services in a virtual environment that simulates a live networking event.

Amity University Virtual Job Fair

Amity University Online has launched a virtual job fair to help you find your successful career. It’s a one-stop online employment portal where Amity’s graduates can communicate with top recruitment agencies to participate in an online live video chat interview for job opportunities in India.

It’s a live interactive job fair where you can register, monitor, interview, and recruit with top 10 organizations and HR professionals all in a single day, and you could navigate it from your laptop, computer, or smartphone.

FlexJobs Virtual Job Fair

The FlexJobs Virtual Job Fair integrates you with organizations looking to recruit people who want to work from home from anyplace you are. It links employers and job applicants electronically for remote work.

Those who participate will know about flexible jobs, business culture, and why these businesses appreciate work accessibility.

Virtual Career Fair brings together a diverse community of leaders and recruiting teams
Virtual Career Fair brings together a diverse community of leaders and recruiting teams

Grace Hopper Celebrations India Career Fair

The Grace Hopper Celebration India Career Fair is a must-attend for everyone interested in a profession in engineering.

The GHCI Career Fair attracts the highest number of female scientists and engineers in Asia.

Along with technology-related job openings, the GHCI Career Fair includes a range of group discussions and motivational presentations on Machine Learning, Automated Engineering, and Robotics.

Final thoughts

When it comes to organizing and implementing their career fair project, each host faces specific difficulties Functional constraints can be a major hurdle in the recruiting process, rather than making it effective.

In an online environment, interactive events cater to a worldwide population of thousands with advantages such as fantastic advertising effects, cost and time reductions participation, promotion, and distraction-free interaction.

Selecting a virtual job fair for workforce development is strongly advised because it is a strength to be interacted with when it comes to achieving exceptional recruiting results.

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