Top 20 Best HR tools recommended by professionals

The human resource tools help to streamline, automate and improve the process and human operations

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op 20 HR tools recommended by professionals - NextHRBase

The human resource tools help to streamline, automate and improve the process and human operations. There are many benefits of using human resource tools. You will experience various benefits like time-saving, improved productivity, better decision making, error reductions, saved money, improved communication, and improved quality of new hires.

Various HR tools are used for specific and distinct goals. The HR tools can be categorized into three key categories- Administrative HR tools, recruiting HR tools, and human capital management HR tools.

There are many HR tools and you will be worried about which tool is best? We have shortlisted some 20 HR tools that are recommended by professionals.

Which are the Top 20 Best HR tools recommended by professionals?


It is leading HR software that is meant especially for small and medium organizations. It is a cloud-based system that is quite affordable. It helps to manage employee information. The software makes the work of HR easy and flexible.

It is one of the best HR tools for managing strategic human capital. You can easily manage payroll, talent, benefits, and time. It is the best tool for multinational organizations.

ADP vantage HCM

It is one of the best HR tools for managing strategic human capital. You can easily manage payroll, talent, benefits, and time. It is the best tool for multinational organizations.

HERO Vantage HCM 455 1

Zoho People

The software helps HR managers to streamline data collection. It also helps to keep the employee database secure. You can build your organization and maintain the employee records in one place. You can easily manage all the HR processes.

Zoho People Consultants

PeopleSoft HCM

It consists of a proven, industry-leading, functionally deep, and a full suite of applications. The applications are designed to tackle complicated business requirements.

PS logo 2

Gusto HR

It makes the complicated simple. It helps to manage complicated issues easily. You can conveniently manage payroll and other complicated tasks.

gusto logo

Zoho Recruit

It is robust recruiting HR software that provides an edge over other HR tools. It provides a strong applicant tracking system and makes the hiring process easy. You can source the best talent, conduct interviews, and track resumes.

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It is a leading digital HR tool for medium and small-sized businesses. You can tackle the modern workforce. It provides a complete mobile experience by integrating the applications with service providers.

zenefits hr tools
Zenefits – One of the Top HR Tools recommended by Professionals

Sage Business Cloud People

It is one of the leading people management systems that changes the way the company functions. It helps to manage, attract and retain the workforce. It is designed for a multi-national and medium-sized organization.

sage people generic


It is multipurpose and ultimate workforce management software. It helps to perform various functions like timesheets, employee scheduling, communication, and tasking. It helps to save money and time by eliminating paper-based systems and manual processes. It helps the managers to work smarter and faster. You can easily manage timesheets, communication, and schedule work.

deputy logo

Paycor Perform

It modernizes and streamlines every aspect of managing people. It will make the work of HR managers easy by making onboarding and recruiting convenient. The workforce also gets developed the way you pay them, create a company culture and retain them. It is popular for intuitive recruiting, payroll solutions, and HR functions. It is made for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and HR professionals.

Paycor Logo Make A Difference


It is a payroll, HR, and benefits platform that makes users tackle all HR data in one place. It also helps to maintain customized services for faster and better functions. It is widely used by companies in the commerce, media, and technology sectors.

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Benefits of using HR tools

APS online

It helps midsize and small businesses to harness cloud power for improving the management of the workforce. It also mitigates risk so that the company can grow. The software helps to achieve goals by reducing labor costs. It also helps to manage inefficient processes and improve employee engagement.

APS Payroll Logo

Ceridian Dayforce

It is a human capital management tool that is functional worldwide. It helps to transform the employee experience. It also helps HR managers to collect data from the employee life cycle for enabling better decisions. It is a cloud platform that provides the benefits of payroll, HR, talent management, workforce management, and all that in a single application. The tool comes with real-time updates. You will also be able to access real-time calculations for addressing complex regulatory requirements.

Ceridian Lockup Large

Workday HCM

It provides visibility in the global workforce of the company. It helps the managers to handle the full work lifecycle from staffing to compensation and career growth.


Cezanne HR

It provides smart cloud HR tools, especially to growing companies. The mid-sized, domestic, and international companies can take benefit of this software. The HR system is easy to manage, quick to deploy and comes with complete HR features. It also helps to manage time and save time. The productivity of the employees gets improved.


SAP Success Factors

It provides social business, onboarding, and collaboration tools. This software is multipurpose and provides many features and benefits like recruitment, performance management, application tracking, talent management, succession planning, and HR analytics.

sap new logo 1 orig


It is cloud software that provides various services like payroll, HR, and talent management. It helps to improve the employee experience. It helps to implement a management strategy for developing a productive workforce. Employees can manage and access pay and other benefits-related details.

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Kronos Workforce Ready

It combines the power of human capital management and workforce management in one cloud software. It also helps to manage the workforce from the pre-hiring to the retiring process. You can maintain the database of salaried, full-time, hourly, and part-time employees.

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Clear Company

It is a popular and renowned talent management software provider. It helps to manage tasks including onboarding, recruitment, goal tracking, and performance management 

ClearCompany logo

ADP Workforce Now

It is a cloud-based HR management tool that helps to manage all HR functions of the company. As an HR manager, you can easily manage time, benefits, payroll, talent, and HR management. It provides an easy solution that integrates all the processes.

Employer 5 ADP WFN


We have discussed the top 20 HR tools that will help to make the work of HR managers quite easy and hassle-free. These tools or software are recommended by HR managers. We hope that this information will prove beneficial.

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